João Américo

Ph.d in Computer Science, Software engineer.

Currently based in Paris, France.

João Claudio Américo

Hi! I'm João Américo.

I'm a Tech Lead at the TotalEnergies Digital Factory.

I have obtained a PhD degree in Computer Science from the University of Grenoble in 2013.

I have also a Master degree from ENSIMAG with Mention bien and a Bachelor degree from UFRGS with summa cum laude (laurea acadêmica).

When I'm not coding, I am probably reading, playing volleyball or gaming.

Work Experience

Tech Lead at TotalEnergies
Paris, France

Technical leader of squads developing MVPs to accelerate TotalEnergies business processes. I am also currently a program tech lead, following up and synchronizing the work of three different squads working on a same product.

My daily work involves the following topics:

  • Fullstack development of Cloud-first applications with Microsoft Azure, Java 17, Springboot 3, and Angular 16
  • Troubleshooting and monitoring of Azure components (mostly mostly App Service, Function App, SQL Server, CosmosDB, Service Bus, Data lake, Static Web App and App Insights)
  • Troubleshooting and monitoring
  • Follow up and synchronization with data engineering team
  • Continuous integration/deployment with Github Actions
  • Unit tests (JUnit, Jest), integration tests (Wiremock) and E2E tests (Playwright, Cucumber)
  • Synchronization meetings with other tech leads
  • Agile/Scrum methodologies, from daily stand ups to retrospective facilitation
  • Technical design and documentation
  • Meetings with stakeholders to present ongoing work and next steps

Java Github Actions Azure Angular Spring/Springboot Git API Management Gradle Sonarqube Checkmarx Cucumber Agile
Senior Software Engineer at Murex
Paris, France

System Architect and Lead Developer of MX.3's workflow engine.

I led and managed a team of seven developers, distributed in three countries. I was also the lead developer of MX.3's business process automation engine, called MxMLExchange.

Java Distributed Applications Jenkins Apache Camel JMS Spring Git Bitbucket Perforce Maven Sonarqube Cucumber Scrum SAFe Engineering management
R&D Engineer at Bull
Grenoble, France

My PhD project was financed by Bull SAS.

I worked on adding the support to real-time SCA applications on top of OSGi.

Java OSGi Felix Karaf Aries SCA Real-time
Intern at LIG, Adele Team
Grenoble, France

Internship supervised by Dr. Walter Rudametkin and Prof. Dr. Didier Donsez.

This internship consisted of studying the impacts of real-time constraints in OSGi and, at same time, the impact of OSGi's dynamism in real-time Java applications.

Java OSGi Real-time
Intern at Bull
Grenoble, France

Internship supervised by Dr. Walter Rudametkin and Dr. François Exertier.

This internship consisted in creating a real-time prototype of the JOnAS 5 Application Server, by injecting RTSJ-compliant byte-code at run-time.

Java Byte-code Real-time

Intern at UFRGS Biochemistry Dept
Porto Alegre, Brazil

Internship supervised by Prof. Dr. Diogo Onofre Gomes de Souza.

In the beginning, my activities were mostly manipulation of chemical compounds and animal experimentation.

Then, during my studies in Computer Science, I started to mainly perform computer-related activities (article redaction, data manipulation, website administration and software development for imaging analysis.

Python Pascal/Delphi HTML

Educational background

Doctor in Computer Science, Université de Grenoble
Grenoble, France

My thesis was entitled "A component meta-model for the design of flexible and modular real-time applications".

It was supervised by Prof. Dr. Didier Donsez.

Engineer in Information Systems, ENSIMAG
Grenoble, France

Obtained Engineer (academic specialization in Information Systems Engineering) and Master (specialization in Information Systems and Advanced Software Engineering) degrees, with Mention Bien.

BsC in Computer Science, UFRGS
Porto Alegre, Brazil

Nine-semester program, in which we had courses about the main domains of Computer Science (Computational theory, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics, Image Processing, Operating Systems, Algorithm Complexity, etc).

Obtained summa cum laude and highlight student awards.



Brazil Portuguese: Native

United Kindgom English: Fluent (TOEIC Gold level)

France French: Fluent (CECR C1 Level)


Azure Associate Developer Badge AZ-204: Azure Developer

SAFe 4 badge SAFe 4 Agilist

Web Technologies

I am a self-taught Javascript, CSS and HTML developer.

On some of my free time, I have been playing with Javascript frameworks (like Node.js and Angular).

I am also familiar with Java web technologies like JSP, Servlets, JSF, XML, XHTML, GWT, Web Services and Springboot.

Programming languages

Java is definitely my go-to programming language for server-side code. For anything that requires UI, I like web technologies (HTML, CSS, Angular/JS if dynamism is required). If on server side I only need to aggregate data from other sources, I might consider Node.js.

I also like to code in Python and Javascript.

  • Database: SQL Server (Sybase, HSQL, MySQL), Oracle
  • Project Management: SVN/Perforce, Maven, Ant, Git, Jenkins, Sonar.
  • Unit test: JUnit, Mockito, Cucumber
  • Others: LaTeX, worked a bit with Android SDK (would love to work again with it).